For HKDI Students

DDP4083Y Introduction to Parametric Surface Modelling (M1)




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1. Demo Monster fish.

SDiv 5 Hi Res

SDiv 1 Low res Poly Frame

Blend shape to maya for animation. Rendering Maya Mental ray.

(CA1:30% marks)
let’s sculpt a one-eyed funny / ugly creature. To convert their ideas and hand sketching into a practical project.
(3D file format(s), Ztl
skill requirement : Brush, Color, Materials,Rendering
jpg image size in 1920x1080

Shadow Box Demo

Video Tutorial

(CA2:30% marks)
Building a texture surface model, Monster ,
(3D file format(s), Ztl
skill requirement : ZSphere,Dynamesh, Brush, Mask, Alpha,texture, Panel loop,Color, Materials, Rendering
jpg image size in 1920x1080

Zsphere Video Tutorial

panel-loops Video Tutorial

(EA1:40% marks)
Use Zbrush design your own character
(3D file format(s), Ztl
skill requirement : Dynamesh, Polygroup , Spotling, Brush, Mask, texture, Color, Materials, Rendering
jpg image size in 1920x1080


DynaMesh is for More Than Just Sculpting

With DynaMesh you can more easily cut a model into two or more pieces using the new Slice brush combined with the Group option.

Use the Insert Mesh brushes to create intricate parts for 3D printing and when done, use the new Create Shell function to add an internal thickness to your model.

These different operations deliver the ability to create a figure that is ready for 3D printing faster then ever before.

ZBrush Artist: Fabio Paiva

Demo Girl face

Demo Man face

Demo how to comp render pass in Photoshop

3D Printer

By Akin Vong 2014