Durex 10sec cant

HKU Space Match Move test

Peach Blossom (Hong Kong Times Square CNY 2011)

Sony Alpha 55

Tao Bao Travel 30 HD TVC

Making of Tao Bao Travel


Philips - Citiscape Collection Uptown

Philips - Citiscape Collection St Germain

Philips - Citiscape Collection Shibuya

Philips - Citiscape Collection Downtown

Philips - Camera

Philips - As140, As111, As351, As851

Philips - BabyFidelo, L1 Premium Headphones, In Car

Philips Party Machine

Philips Blu Ray 5.1 System

Devil Woman

Philips qVdia

Kaleidoscope animation project for Hong Kong Times Square CNY 2010

Running To The Moon 奔月

Boar fish

Miramar Party 2008

Robot 2002

Yazoo Live Test

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Project for Times Square 2006 Christmas TVC

Music : Roxy@Noise Gate

Animator : Akin Vong

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The Snowman
Project for Times Square 2005 Christmas TVC
Music : Barry Tam @ CLIMAX!
Animator : Akin Vong

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The Racer
Music : Edward Chan ( novasonic )
Project for Novasonic 's Music Viedo
Animator : Akin Vong

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Frog at the bottom of the well
The 9th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards 2003 - Distinguished Award
Festival internacional De Curt As Do Rio de j aneiro Curta Cinema 2004(巴西電影節中放映)
Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curta Cinema 2004.
Taiwan-Hong Kong Animation Festival held by 光華社.
Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival
screened in Animation Nation 2004 in Singapore in June
screened in Planet Studio plus 1 in OSAKA in Japan. (
上海雙年展 放映日期是2004年9月28日——11月28日之間
Music : Edward Chan ( novasonic )
Animator : Akin Vong
World Animated(RTHK)
Music : 有耳非文
Executive Producer : Elizabeth Wong
Assistant Producer : Dora Tang
Animator : Akin Vong , 王以信
Mini Brother X Lipton
Producer : 鐵人兄弟
Music : Tommy Wai
Animator : Akin Vong , 王以信
Evolution 進化
Animation : Akin Vong

Times Square - Valenline's Day

Times Square - Count down

Brother- A Touch of Magic

鐵人兄弟 - Monster shadow

RTHK - 我愛夢工場 2002

Channel [V] 2000 Music award TVC

Cyber Viewer 1999 (CG Animation Installation), art + 01 - A Digital Exporation, Hong Kong Heritage Museum